What is on a tapas menu?

So, what is on a tapas menu? It doesn’t matter if you are new in Madrid or you are a foodie. A tapa is a relatively simple portion of food. Over time they have become more sophisticated. Some Spanish dishes have also been prepared as tapas. Among the more traditional ones you can find:

  • Potato tortilla
  • Patatas Bravas
  • Patatas bravas or, sometimes, potato ali oli
  • Spanish tapas what they are
  • The fantastic jamon serrano (ham)
  • Cheese and various olives
  • Croquetas (Croquettes) of potatoes and jamon
  • The morcilla (black pudding)
  • The Chorizo

This are some examples of typica of what is in a tapas menu. From Andalusia to the rest of Spain the Spanish food is a lil bit similar,

This Spanish tradition also expanded into the rest of Spain, taking various forms and names. In fact, if you go to Northern Spain in cities like Santader in Cantabria, you will not find tapas, but pinchos.

carro de croquetas

What are the different types of tapas that can fe find in a tapas menu?

Pinchos (or pintxos)

In the Basque Country, in the north of Spain, the classic Spanish tapas are called pintxos (or pinchos).

A pincho is a smaller and more gourmet tapa and is served on a slice of bread covered with a dressing (cold cuts, fish, cheese, vegetables, etc.) and skewered with a toothpick.

TIPS – Nowadays it is not always found the toothpick on the pintxos but where this still happens it is not unusual that the bill is charged based on the number of toothpicks left in the dish at the end of the meal. This is what is on a tapas menu in many of restaruants.

Pinchos (or pintxos)


Montadito (or montado) is a typical dish of Spanish culture and gastronomy and a must for Spanish aperitifs. The montaditos are miniature sandwiches, to be eaten in one or two bites, stuffed with the same Iberian specialties with which the classic tapas are prepared.

A real institution in Spain where to eat montaditos is 100 Montaditos, a Spanish chain of cerveceria where you can eat these mini-sandwiches at the price of about 1 euro. Must be accompanied with a beer.

montaditos tapa


Similar to montadito but larger in size, bocadillo could be called a stuffed sandwich but would be reductive. It is another great classic of Spanish cuisine: a loaf of bread cut in half and stuffed with ham, salami, cheese or other ingredients that characterize the classic tapas.

A must-see stop to eat bocadillos in Spain is the Jamón Museum, a chain of gastronomy-sandwich shop with various locations (including in Madrid) where you can eat excellent hams, sausages and Iberian cheeses.

Among the bocadillos to taste: bocadillo de jamón ibérico, bocadillo de queso (cheese), bocadillo de chorizo (salami), bocadillo de lacón (ham) and bocadillo de salchichón.

Fried squid sandwich in LA CAMPANA

As you can see there’s always a chance to eat different kinds of food in Spain. In we make an amazing Madrid tapas tour ideal to eat just tasty tapas. As well as you can always meet new people from all over the world and learn fun facts. Make now your reservation and make this amazing live experience.

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