What are the 10 most common types of tapas?

What are the 10 most common types of tapas?

If you are new in Madrid and you are thinking to know what are the 10 most common types of tapas you are in the correct place. In Madrid you will find almost every corner. In your time here you should take at least these 10 types of tapas. These are the most popular and best known of all of them. For shure, almost in each place you will find them.

What are the 10 most common types of tapas in Madrid?

spanish olives

Olives are considered the queens of tapas and there is a wide range of varieties of table olives, such as: hojiblanca, gordal, carrasqueña, manzanilla, cacereña.

The aceitunas gordal variety can also be combined with pickles, which creates a combination of contrasts, as gordal olives are a very fleshy variety and pickles are crisp. In any case, every olive tapa always has a touch of vinegar.

anchovies in vinegar

Pickled anchovies are typical tapas famous especially in southern Spain, that is in Andalusia. They are anchovy fillets marinated in plenty of vinegar, garlic and parsley, served cold with chopped garlic, parsley and olive oil. You will surely find these tapas in all Spanish bars.

squid a la romana

Roman-style squid are also known as fried squid or rabas in the northern regions of Spain (Navarre, the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias). They are ring-cut squid, covered in flour and fried in very hot oil. It is another of the best tapas in Spanish cuisine. They are usually served with mayonnaise and a slice of lemon. In Madrid  it is  typical served in squid sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise. Now you know more about what are the 10 most common types of tapas.

spanish croquettes

Croquettes are actually a typical French dish, but are currently popular in Spain, Sicily and the Netherlands. Each croquet is nothing more than a dough filled with various ingredients, including béchamel sauce, which provides thickness to the mixture.

Once filled, they are covered with egg and breadcrumbs and fried in very hot oil, and they come in a round or oval shape. The dough can be made with small pieces of ham, chopped chicken, fish (usually cod), spinach, raisins, pine nuts, cheese and shrimp. There are endless varieties in the filling of croquettes.

spanish dumplings

Empanadillas have become popular tapas throughout Spain and are appreciated by almost everyone. The dough is usually filled with minced meat and other ingredients, mainly vegetables like peppers and onions. Its texture is crisp on the outside and pasty on the inside.

russian salad spain

The Russian salad, also called Olivier salad, is a typical Russian dish, hence its name. There is a basic ingredient that is potatoes and the rest of the ingredients vary by region. In general, there is no shortage of tuna and cooked eggs. There are also variations that include shrimp, chicken, peas, crab sticks, olives, peppers, etc.

The name of the Russian salad is due to its creator, Lucien Olivier, a renowned chef from Moscow (Russia), who in 1860 prepared the first Russian salad dish in his restaurant Hermitage. This tapa is also very popular in Mexico and Cono Sur. It should be served cold. Now also you know more about what are the 10 most common types of tapas.

garlic butter shrimp

Garlic shrimps are common especially in southern Spain and the center of the country. The main ingredients are peeled shrimp, garlic and olive oil. They are usually served in a terracotta pot with a little parsley on top.

In some variants, a few slices of chili are added, so they have a spicy touch. In others, a splash of sherry wine. They are served at an average temperature and are usually accompanied by a glass of wine, white, black or red.

brave potatoes

Patatas bravas or, simply, bravas, are particularly known throughout Spain and can not be missed if you go to eat tapas. This tapa is very easy to prepare, as it consists of cutting the potatoes into cubes and frying them in oil. They are served accompanied by spicy tomato sauce and garlic oil or alioli.

This tapa is served hot. Besides being easy to prepare and very cheap, this dish is suitable for vegetarians.

spanish manchego cheese

Manchego cheese is protected under the designation of origin La Mancha. It is a type of cheese produced with milk of the Manchega breed. This is a fat cheese with a compact consistency and a yellow-ivory color.

It is covered by a hard crust that can be yellowish, greenish or black, depending on the brand. Usually, it is consumed accompanied by Iberian ham.

spanish pinchos

Pinchos or pintxos (in Basque) are the equivalent of the classic Spanish tapas of the Basque Country. They are small slices of bread on which a small portion of food is added. They are small appetizers open to the imagination of those who prepare them.

Pinchos differ from tapas because they are usually larger and are ordered separately, meaning that bars are not served as an accompaniment to the drink. Original cold pinchos are usually placed on the bar, on a tray, to allow the customer to choose them at will.

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