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What are tapas in Madrid?

Asking to yourself what are tapas in Madrid? When a foreigner  goes to Spain, he usually says he wants to try two things: paella and tapas. It’s a thought that drives me crazy for two reasons:

Paella is typical of Valencia and Barcelona. So if you ask in Seville, Madrid or Santander, it’s like you’re ordering pizza in France. Consequently you will definitely fall into a big tourist trap.

Tapas are not a dish, they are not a specialty, they are an idea, a diversion, the desire to affirm during the day. So if you say that you want to eat tapas, you will be in fact saying that you want to eat some snacks/snacks. Something that doesn’t mean a fig!

The tapas (feminine name, tapa in singular) are appetizers for appetizer dinners, or full meals, traditional of the Spanish cuisine. Generally composed of a rich variety of various gustatory preparations based on regional culinary products of Spain. Products like charcuterie, cheese, fish, crustaceans, vegetables, olives, olive oil, etc. They bring you beer, sangria, Spanish wines, or other  alcoholic beverages. It is always better to know wel what are tapas in Madrid and what are the best places to eat them.

Usually they have the form of a choice of small containers and small sandwiches and they can be hot or cold. A ración is a unit portion of tapa, and a medium ración a half portion. According to International emblems of Spain and Spanish culture, they are usually tasted at the table. They are more often standing, in the famous convivial, social and festive atmosphere of restaurants, tapas bars, and wine bars of Spain, mainly at the barra.

What are the best tapas in Madrid?

  • Cocido  madrileño (Madrileña stew):

Cocido madrileño is a stew made with chickpeas, vegetables and meats (these can be poultry, pork or beef).

  • Callos a la madrileña: 

Callos a la madrileña is a stewed dish that is served hot and contains beef guts interspersed with slices of chorizo, blood sausage and ham. Its characteristic red color is because the use of paprika.

The typical Madrid food is a modification of dishes from other regions, adapted to your own. The most popular dishes in Madrid are the Madrid stew, Madrilenian tripe, garlic soup, Madrilenian snails, beans to uncle Lucas, among others. There are much more of the best tapas so take a look of the best of it.

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If you want to try more dishes we recommend you make a tapas tour Madrid. You are going to try different types of great and tasty tapas. Make now your reservation

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