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What are tapas dishes called?

What are tapas dishes called? Lots of visitors come to Spain knowing there’s a lot of good food. But many may be wondering to know what is tapas food? There are actually lots of misconceptions about tapas out there. We’re going to help you learn all about the delicious world of tapas.

This is one dining experience you certainly won’t want to miss while you’re in Spain! “Tapas” actually refers to the style of serving food, rather than specific dishes. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t classic dishes that you’ll find in any decent tapas bar (we’ll have more on that in a minute).

First, a “tapa” is simply a small portion of food. Anything can be served in a tapas-style! When you go for tapas, you’ll end up ordering lots of small plates and sharing. This way, you can try a selection of different dishes all at once. The most common story behind the origin of tapas is that they started out as small slices of meat or bread served in bars that patrons could use to cover their drinks to keep flies out. “Tapas” is the Spanish verb for “to cover”. Bit by bit, the small bar snack started becoming just as essential as the drinks.

They also started becoming more elaborate. Today’s tapas are much more sophisticated. You’ll find tapas ranging from small dishes of olives to elaborate culinary creations. There are some tapas contests that create the very best ones! Thanks to this contest every year there are new variety and kinds of tapas.



Tapas are a typical Spanish dish. They were born in southern Spain, more precisely in Granada, and are popular especially in beautiful Andalusia. They are a real institution.

For those of you who, sooner or later, will visit Seville, Cordoba, Tarifa (spectacular) or any other beautiful Andalusian city, do not forget to take a tapas tour. The Spanish call it “ir a tapear” or even “ir de tapas” and it is a real ritual; they go from tapas bars to tapas bars between a glass of wine (in theory they are born with a glass of Sherry) and a small ration of food. Here, these small portions are what are called, in fact, Spanish tapas. Tasty dishes that make you want to drink more.

Tapas are tradition and, like all traditions, they have a story, even more stories. First, “tapear” means to cover. What do Spanish tapas have to do with the need to cover something up? I’ll explain it to you right away.

There are often more stories connected to a tradition. In the case of tapas, the best known and considered valid is a trip to Andalusia by King Alfonso XIII. He made a stop at a bar and ordered a glass of sherry. The bartender, to avoid the possibility that the glass would run out of insects, covered the glass with a slice of ham. The king, having finished eating wine and ham, requested an additional glass of wine with another tapa. With this request of the king, tapas were born.

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