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Enjoy the BEST vegetarian tapas in MADRID | Complete guide to eat

A lot of people may think that it’s impossible to find vegetarian tapas in Madrid. Spain is well known because most of the food is made of pork. This city is a popular destination for tourists because of the excellent combination of art, culture and gastronomy. Once you arrive, you will be carried away by a kaleidoscope of typical flavors of Spanish cuisine. Today we will take you to discover the best vegetarian tapas of Madrid.

Is important to make a premise first. Spanish gastronomy is so rich in flavors and influences of Mediterranean cuisine, that even those who do not follow a vegetarian diet will find these tapas absolutely delicious. Your taste buds will fall madly in love with this triumph of colors and aromas enhanced by vinegar and spices.

It is not difficult to find some excellent examples of vegetarian tapas options available in Madrid. Discover all of them and let yourself be enveloped by these eight tasty suggestions.

Examples of vegetarian tapas that you can find in Madrid

Here you have our top 3 of vegetarian and veggie tapas. We choose this because of the importance of the Spanish culture on each one of them. They are also very consumed by locals and foreigners thanks to the great and delicious flavor each one have.

Patatas Bravas

They are one of the best known vegetarian tapas of Madrid. The potatoes are diced and fried and are accompanied by a tasty spicy sauce based on mayonnaise, tomato and pimenton. The outside of the potatoes is crispy and the inside creamy, this is due to the double frying.

Patatas Bravas

Spanish olives with pimento

A very simple tapa, but typical of Madrid. They are green and black olives, seasoned with hot chili and other spices. Also excellent for vegans and ideal veggie tapas that you can find in Madrid. Usually are taken with a big jar of beer but as well you can mix them with other vegetarian tapas.

Spanish olives with pimento

Spanish style banderillas

For olive lovers, these olive skewers also feature roasted onions, sweet and sour peppers, and pickles. The Spanish do not recommend to take them with wine because it will be poorly associated with the taste of the vinegar. Better to ask for a beer or sangria to enjoy the whole flavor. Locals love this Spanish tapas banderillas, eat them and discover this authentic flavor.

Spanish style banderillas

Other Vegetarian Tapas that you can find in this magnificent city are:

Marinated Carrots - Vegan

Spanish Potato Omelet

Country Style Fried Vegetables - Vegan

Asparagus with Eggs

Gazpacho - Vegan

Spinach and Chickpeas - Vegan

Fried Eggplant - Vegan

Ratatouille with Fried Egg - Vegan Adaptable

Chilled Almond Soup - Vegan

Andalusian Chilled Tomato Soup - Vegan Adaptable

Grilled Mushrooms - Vegan

Padrón Peppers - Vegan

Spring Onions with Romesco Sauce - Vegan

Vegetable Paella - Vegan

Sauteed Spinach with Pine Nuts & Raisins - Vegan

Potatoes with Garlic Mayonnaise

Where to eat vegetarian tapas madrid

Bar lamiak madrid

This place is just perfect if you are with a group of friends where some eat meat and others do not. They offer an interesting variety of tapas, they make these small dishes which you can accompany with a good Spanish wine. The favorite option is the artichoke, they make this confitted alcachofa that just melts in your mouth. Sooo good!

Bar lamiak madrid

Bodegas alfaro madrid

It is nice to hang out here for two main reasons: it is a very Spanish wine bodega, and also you never know what could happen. If a guy shows up with a guitar he might eventually start to play and everybody in the bar, even though they don’t know each other, would start singing and improvising drums with the tables and “play their hands” (dar las palmas) which is the typical flamenco sound. Anyway, let’s not forget about the food, here you can have as a tapa appetizer some amazing aceitunas and banderillas, and also typical fried crisps.

bodegas alfaro madrid

Pez tortilla madrid la latina

If you happen to be in the vibrant Latina barrio, you can’t miss this restaurant. It is famous for its croquettes but mainly for its tortilla de patatas. Fortunately this dish is vegetarian because you really cannot go to Spain without trying their beloved tortilla. You can ask for a pincho de tortilla with a cerveza to feel like a true Madrilenian

Pez tortilla madrid la latina

Bar la encomienda

Situated in the Lavapiés neighborhood, this restaurant offers mainly vegan dishes. They are really amazing, because they do not revisit typical recipes and try to make a vegan version out of them, no. They just put together new flavors and create magical combinations, also, the prices are pretty good. As I said, it is not a tapas bar, but you can have a drink and share an appetizer.

Bar la encomienda

La oveja negra restaurante madrid

First, enjoy Plaza Lavapies and then eat something at La Oveja Negra vegan tavern. Vegetarian recipes are served at this restaurant. A large number of users remark that you can order here with confidence a well-worked complete burger, tasty croquettes and a singular soup. It is super recomendable to try a piece of his famouse and tasty homemade chocolate cake. Here you can have an irresistible craft beer or an extraordinary wine.

La oveja negra restaurante madrid

What to drink with vegetarian tapas in Madrid

Most people in Madrid drink cerveza or vermouth. As mentioned above, red wines are not recommended because they run the risk of contrasting with the variety of flavors. Beer and refreshing white wines are recommended while eating vegetarian tapas. Also you can opt for a great and typical sangria or cyder. It all depends on your mood and tastes.

As you can read in this article, there are man vegetarian tapas that are made for people like us. So don’t be afraid to come to Spain and eat all this dishes while enjoying the Spanish culture. In case you eat some seafood you cand find the best seafood tapas in Madrid.

In we made a tour for foodies where we visited some of these places. Making a tapas tour Madrid will bring you the chance to enjoy original food and meet international people.

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