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This tapas wine tour Madrid is a great experience for big or small groups and a delicious walking tour among 4 emblematic places. This tapas tour of Madrid is designed for a demanding public looking for an authentic and original culinary experience. This is an singular experience that you will not find in any other tour. We will have the most traditional and exquisite wines to taste. Aromatic and exclusive ciders to open the palate as well as varied and delicious traditional tapas that will kill your appetite.

All together forms an explosion of flavors that you will experience “once in a life”. We must not forget that, during the tour, we will give you cultural and historical information. You will be surprised and amazed with details of the tapas and the city history.

How does our drink and food tapas tour in Madrid work?

Starting with the best cider in Madrid and the tapas that are better to mix with it

On this tapas tours in Madrid Spain, we are going to start in a magnificent place where each one of us are going to know about the origins of the cider. All the participants are going to have the opportunity to serve the cider properly and taste it. Serving properly the cider makes it “break”, producing the aromatic and characteristic flavor that everyone likes. This cider is made in Asturias, a north region of Spain with the best ciders in the world.

The Spanish tapas we are going to eat here are specially selected to combine with the cider.  Feast over tapas rations of finger lickin’ good chorizo with wine, cured and smoked lacon traditional stuffed olives and more. Remember that this is just the beginning of the adventure so after this 45 delicatessen minutes we are going to move to the next place.

Continue with the best wine tasting in Madrid mixed with squid and shrimp tapas

Our second stop of this tapas tour in Madrid Spain is a restaurant with more than 100 years open. More than 4 generations of the same family have maintained the authenticity of the food. The delicious and secret recipes have delighted many politicians, actors and great writers. This is the place where the locals prefer to have their appetizers and continue 100 years of tradition.

In this place we will give each participant a glass of one of the best wines in Spain. A sweet wine with great personality and awesome aroma that, definitely, you will love. We will try their star dish, the succulent and delicious garlic prawns that have made them so famous for so long. We have a tasty option like squid tapas as well for allergic persons and remember that our professional guide is going to be every time with you bringing amazing history as well as unknow facts. Everything you need you can ask to him / here and they will help you with a smile in the face.

Close with golden clasp with the best traditional tapas y pinchos of Madrid and Spain

We are going to finish this tapas tour in one of the most popular tapas places in all the city center. Here you are going to eat the iconic Spanish tapas. Paella, serrano ham, cabrales cheese, croquettes, potatoes “a la brava” sauce and much more. A big drink is included and here our guide will amaze you with the best information about the tapas and its history. 

We are going to take you to the places that we take our family and friends. Only the best quality products and food are going to be here. We put all our passion and soul in this tour to bring you just the best experience. Our tapas tour Madrid is tripadvisor number one! Book now and live this episode of your life.

In tapastour.madrid we prepare the best experience to enjoy with friends or alone. At the end you will meet more people from all over the world. We have the best selection of tapas restaurants in Madrid that just locals know. In short, with this tapas tour Madrid you will get what you are looking for. Choose us and avoid tourist trap with tapastour.madrid !

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