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The BEST tapas Malasaña Madrid in the most exciting neighborhood

Eat in places with the best tapas in Malasa and discover this incredible and cosmopolitan neighborhood. Me gusta Malasaña, me gustas tú, sang the artist Manu Chao in one of his most famous songs. We’re talking about the liveliest neighborhood in downtown Madrid. Here the nightlife, made by young university students, involves the rite of the botellón. The botellon consists of bringing home bottles of alcohol to drink together in the square and in the public parks. There are also foreigners attracted by the particular spots on the street to make botellon.

The underground environments, rock, punk and ska music are the masters. There are also independent bookshops, vintage and clothing stores with alternative-commercial fashion. If you are looking for a modern district, the streets of the Malasaña are ideal  for you. All the culture comes out in the street at sunset and during the day you can breathe a retro air.

Malasaña is one of the historic neighborhoods of Madrid. Ironically, it brings together the most modern and underground neighbors of the city. Is associated with the explosion of the cultural movement of the 1980s called Movida Madrileña. The people called it Barrio de Maravillas before receiving its current name. Even today, however, it continues to amaze visitors who immerse themselves in it, especially on summer evenings. In Malasaña every day you will discover something new. After walking through the streets you should visit the next places to eat tapas in Malasaña:


Malasaña is also and above all a place where you can meet friends and taste tapas with cañas (small beers). You will find here probably the best tapas bar Madrid in the area near to Plaza del 2 de Mayo. Usually beers and wine glasses are less than 2€ and tapas are made in big size.

Once you make a magnificent tour around the streets and after you go shopping, it will be time to eat. Remember that in tapastour.madrid we have the best Madrid tapas tour ideal to eat in really good places and meet new people. There are multiple tapas Madrid malasaña places where to take pinchos and great size beers. But, if you are looking for the best tapas in Malasaña you should go to:

La bicicleta bar madrid

A bar for bicycle lovers that is atypical and warm. This bar will transport you in less than a few minutes in the Spanish atmosphere. Great for coffee and cakes but also delicious tapas to enjoy a nice day.

La bicicleta bar madrid

tapas ojala restaurant madrid

If you have to choose a bar in Malasaña it will be this one. A bar with three atmospheres, a sunny terrace, a gardener where you will eat among the plants and finally a travel atmosphere with a basement filled with sand. Enjoy a break with your feet in the sand!. The tapas right here are low calorie and in big portions

tapas ojala restaurant madrid

pepe botella coffee bar

One of the mythical bars of Malasaña, located near the 2 de Mayo square. Is called after the nickname given to the brother of Napoleon “pepe botella”. It goes back to the time when Napoleon’s brother was governor of Madrid. He decided to make decrees on the sale of alcoholic beverages and the artists of the city made a cartoon of him

From that time they start to tell him by his nickname “Pepe botella” meaning Pepe the bottle. For the more curious we suggest you visit the History Museum of Madrid where you will find the original caricature drawings. Here are, possibly, the tasty tapas Madrid Malasaña at a really good price ideal for foodies and experienced palates.

pepe botella coffee bar

Tapas Bars Malasaña Area Madrid

In the area of Malasaña there are some of the most attractive open spaces in the capital. They are usually very crowded and for them passes, at a time, the life of the neighborhood and that of the big city. The rest of its streets are narrow, lively and colorful, some pedestrianized, perfect for strolling around and hanging out with your friends. If you are looking for the best tapas in Malasaña neighborhood area you should go to:

Plaza del Dos de Mayo

Is, perhaps, the nerve centre of Malasaña. Here was the Monteleón Barracks, the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of the War of Independence. Manuela Malasaña Street is very popular for giving the name to the neighborhood. Also because it houses some important establishments such as the Teatro Maravillas and the brewery Casa Maravillas. There was also the convent of Las Maravillas, which gave its name to this area. Nice tapas Malasaña Madrid restaurants you can find all around this square where you can take a beer on a sunny day.

Plaza del Dos de Mayo

Calle del Pez

Has recently taken on a spectacular life. It is a narrow road that opens dozens and dozens of bars on each side, all very successful. Here you can try totally different flavors and types of tapas in Malasaña at a good price.

Calle del Pez

Plaza San Ildefonso

Formed at the times of José Bonaparte, offers an interesting hustle of terraces and crowds. One commemorative plaque recalls that Antonio Rafael Mengs, one of Charles III’s favorite painters, lived in the square for a few years. And another says that a few years later the romantic painter Leonardo Alenza had his studio here. On one side is the church of San Ildefonso. Right here there’s a lot of terraces of many restaurant-bars where you can take tasty tapas and pinchos.

plaza san ildefonso

Plaza de la Luna

Well-known by the neighbors, is actually called Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta. Here were the famous Luna cinemas, which today house the Gymage Lounge Resort, with its popular rooftop bar – restaurant terrace. After the last reform the square has remained very habitable. The atmosphere here is really cool and there’s a lot of locals eating the best tapas and pinchos of Malasaña. Just follow them and discover great places to eat live a gastronomic unique experience.


Why is it called Malasaña?

It is named after Manuela Malasaña, heroine of the uprising against the French that took place on May 2nd, 1808. The 17-year-old girl died in these streets by the hands of French troops as she was collaborating to defend the city.

Is Malasaña Safe?

The district of Malasaña does not exist as a municipal administrative entity. We are officially in the Centro district, University neighborhood, which covers the popular areas of Malasaña and Conde Duque. It is a tourist and cultural reality, known to all of Madrid and sought after by thousands of visitors. In fact, the Madrid City Council itself recognizes this in its map of tourist areas. Is a really safe area where you can eat delicious tapas Malasaña before shopping.

The delimitation of the Malasaña neighborhood is very simple. To the south it borders Gran Vía, to the west with the street San Bernardo, to the north with Carranza and to the east with Fuencarral, where it joins the neighborhood of Chueca.

What to do after eat tapas Madrid in Malasaña

Visit Mauro Entralgo’s mural at The Tupperware

The iconic facade of the Tupperware Club was designed by the illustrator for the Spanish magazine El Jueves , a satirical publication. Numerous celebrities have passed through this mural and entered the bar which has become one of the symbols of Malasaña. It has been open for more than 20 years and its affordable, good music and lively atmosphere continue to swirl people over weekend after weekend. The decoration is very original, with objects from all over the world that make it a unique bar.

Have a drink in one of the bars or nightclubs

Malasaña is crawling with interesting alternative bars that visitors won’t be able to find anywhere else. Taboo, Madklyn and Picnic are among the best. Picnic stages, free concerts, comedy shows, fun activities and crazy exhibitions, and to complete everything has a surprisingly bizarre decor. Madklyn, whose name is a hybrid between Madrid and Brooklyn, is also a large club in the area, run by the same family as Picnic and Tupperware. Taboo offers great concerts and is worth a visit.

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