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TOP Tapas in Madrid Sol and where to eat them

Looking for the best tapas in Madrid Puerta del Sol? The fact of being able to go out for a few beers and go tapas is one of the most representative things of Spain’s social and gastronomic life. Many tourists, when they arrive in the city, make routes of tapas bars already pre-established, for example. And without a doubt, Madrid is a city of tapas. But there are two kinds of tapas bars in Madrid.

There are places intended for tourism and, therefore, are more expensive and not always have good quality of food. There are also those tapas bar in Madrid Sol that are lifelong. They maintain the same cultural essence and chastity that defines them so much. The last ones are the real tapas bars that you should visit, where locals that know about them, enjo exquisite and good price food. It doesn’t matter which of the two groups you choose, because inside each one, there are hundreds of bars to choose from. And coincidentally a large part of them is grouped in the same center of Madrid.

So, you want to eat without leaving the center, but you don’t know which venue to choose? Are you looking for tapas Madrid near Puerta de Sol? In tapastour.madrid we bring you the solution. These are typical bars where the essence of their taverns remains and, above all, where you are going to be scandalous. Whatever you choose, the result will be the same, that is, an absolute enjoyment. Let us hope that you enjoy this list and, above all, that you enjoy the subsequent tapas Plaza del Sol Madrid.

Tasty tapas in Madrid Sol ideal for foodies

taberna malaspina

In the introduction, we said that we were going to bring you authentic Spanish taverns, of those of a lifetime, right? Because the first one that we present to you, that responds to the name of Malaspina Tavern, is undoubtedly a perfect example of what is a 100% traditional tavern of our city, chaste and with a delicious meal.

Of course, it is located a few meters from the Puerta de Sol, which is in the very center of Madrid, so there will be a lot of noise. However, Malaspina is an ideal place to escape from it. It is a very quiet tavern and we do not explain why, because, in our opinion, it has the best tapas in Madrid center.

taberna malaspina madrid

La Chulapa de Alcalá

In the second place of our list of the best tapas bars near the Puerta del Sol, we stop at La Chulapa. Its name says it all: a place that faithfully represents the personality and the way of being Madrid. It is a multifunctional space where you can enjoy an afterwork as well as a breakfast, dinner or tapas.

These tapas are totally innovative and original, where they fuse the most representative of Madrid cuisine with international elements, achieving unique and very stimulating fusions. It is next to Cibeles, a few steps from Sol, and has a terrace from which you can enjoy the entire epicenter of Madrid.

la chulapa de alcala

San Miguel Market

In the third place on this list of tapas bars near the Puerta de Sol, we present to you the Mercado de San Miguel, one of the most fashionable places in the capital for a few years and an authentic temple of eating. It is not a bar as such, but within the market itself we will find dozens of bars.

In most of them, the most typical and normal thing is to enjoy a cane accompanied by a good lid. In each they make the tapas in a totally different way, according to their specialties. There is a huge variety, more than anywhere else. You will find tapas of all flavors, textures, colors and prices. You may also be interested to learn more about San Miguel tapas market Madrid.

san miguel mercado madrid

Bar Preciados 38

If we talk about central streets, we have to talk about Preciados Street, the shop par excellence of Madrid, which is born directly in the Puerta de Sol, so close to impossible. There we will find Bar Preciados 38, without a doubt, one of the most emblematic establishments in the area.

It is the typical Madrid bar, with its very nice waiters, its rations and dishes combined, its reeds well pulled and, of course, the corresponding tapas. This place, in fact, is famous above all for its tapas. You can find everything from seafood to meat, going through Iberian and more experimental things. A delicious tapas bar in Madrid puerta del Sol that you can’t miss.

Bar Preciados 38

Bar rosi la loca

When you walk past Rosi La Loca, you’re already tempted to enter, thanks to her full of flowers, bright colors and vintage furniture. But if you have not yet entered, today since the writing of Salir.com, we have proposed that you do, since it is one of our favorites on the list.

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’re looking for a tapas bar near the Puerta de Sol, right? Rosi La Loca, which is very close to Sol, is a real reference when it comes to tapas. Its original tapas, made with the best ingredients and by the best chefs, will not leave anyone indifferent.

rosi la loca madrid spain

Matador madrid spain

And we finished this list about the best tapas bars near Puerta del Sol with Matador. Matador represents, both in spirit and in image, the traditional Spanish tavern par excellence, castiza and, as they define it, neo-cañí. In fact, its personality is such that tourism has not yet managed to enter and settle in the proposal.

And as a 100% traditional tavern, its strong point is tapas. An unbeatable place to enjoy a slice of ham or cheese or chorizo and more typical dishes of our cuisine, in a friendly, friendly atmosphere, surrounded by the spirit of the taverns of yesteryear. An impeccable way to finish this list.

Matador madrid spain

At the end of the day you will want to discover more places with tapas in Madrid Sol. We make delicious and very cultural Madrid Tapas Tour. An ideal plan not onl to eat well but also to meet internationals and make new friends. Make your reservation now and enjoy a experience as you deserve.

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