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The BEST Tapas Madrid Near Retiro Park | Tapas Bars you can’t miss

Looking for delicious and tasty tapas Madrid near Retiro to eat after a long walking tour? The centre of Madrid is full of places of interest and monuments to visit. Travellers can’t wait to get lost among the most characteristic districts of the city. You may discover that the tours can become tiring tours with the tourists who flock to the main streets. For this reason it is a must to spend a relaxing afternoon in the wonderful Parque del Buen Retiro. The Retiro Park is a beautiful urban park worthy of a large capital.

It is not so far from the centre, enough to leave behind the crowds of tourists and the traffic of cars. Retiro park, better known as Parque del Retiro, looks like a rich oasis of beautiful green trees. A perfect place to spend some quality time in quiet and tranquility. Ideal place if you are looking for fairy-tale palaces, royal monuments, statues and lovely lakes hidden among the trees. The main architectural feature of the park is the heterogeneity of style of the various monuments scattered around the park.

As evidence of the numerous interventions that occurred in the centuries of life of the park there are monuments. The monuments have neoclassical, neo-egyptian, baroque, eclectic influences, French, Moorish, Victorian, ruins of Romanesque churches etc. Don’t forget to visit the Crystal Palace that deserves a chance to enter the top 10 in Madrid. All of this is a great experience but there is a problem. In the Retiro park there are no places to eat well, just snack and fast-food restaurants that can be considered as tourist trap. So in case you are looking for tapas in Madrid near Retiro park you just need to walk a few steps.

TOP Tapas Bars in Retiro Madrid

A couple of steps away from El Retiro Park is the Ibiza district, an ideal place to eat tapas Madrid near retiro. This is one of the areas with the highest concentration of taverns and restaurants in Madrid. A gastronomic paradise where the recipe book of Spanish gastronomy is enhanced that has become one of the great culinary references. There are many new places that make their way in this neighborhood, whose fame only increases.

In little more than a year a new Retiro tapas bar has arrived on Ibiza Street in Madrid. They bring new intriguing gastronomic proposals from authentic tapas to tasty new wines and haute cuisine by the grill.  Original and appetizing tapas that they have managed to change not only the name of the street. Now renamed Bulbiza, but its denomination, becoming now a gastro boulevard.

La retasca retiro

It looks like a sophisticated place, but in reality it is a tavern of the most popular (laretasca.com), both in concept (reservations are not allowed) and in price (about 20 € per person). Like a meal house where you can go for a few tapas and beers, stockings and full rations any day of the week. And, although they have a dish of the day (stews depending on the season) and a section of grilled meats. 

They offer the most traditional (and absolutely not touristy) tapas: from tins of preserves or sandwiches to homemade pickles, pig ear in sauce, stew croquettes, anchovies in vinegar, Russian salad and some unmistakable white potatoes. In fact, this seemingly simple dish has one of the most elaborate recipes of the entire menu: salsa. It is the same one they make in La Tasquita de Frente, the mother house of its owner, Juanjo López, with a process that takes more than 24 hours between cooking, reductions and rest. One of the best tapas Madrid Retiro places you will find.

Calle de Ibiza, 38

La retasca retiro

Ogrelo restaurant madrid

Located very close to El Retiro Park, this Galician restaurant offers traditional and market cuisine with an exquisite selection of fish, meat and seafood. Among its gastronomic proposals stand out the bonito roll, the hake in sea urchin sauce, the rice with lobster and can not miss the zamburiñas (they are like scallops, but smaller and with a bigger shell) and the octopus. 

Calle Menorca, 37-39

Ogrelo restaurant madrid

Taberna zalamero madrid

With almost 400 wine references, it has its hallmark in the market kitchen. Although his presence in the neighborhood is recent he has already managed to gain followers in part because of the rusted chicken croquettes, the supreme cecina of Leon, the pickled mackerel with myrin, the Provencal-style roasted coquelet or the asparagus potato omelette with spicy potato blood sausage and mushrooms. It has a bar menu and a room menu. Ana Losada and David Moreno, its owners, have opted for a warm and informal decoration.

Calle Narváez, 67

Taberna zalamero madrid

Taberna de buendi Madrid

A cozy and warm space where you can have a few servings or share a glass of wine with friends informally either at the bar or at the tables. A place with a good value for money where it is recommended not to come at peak time. Among its proposals we should highlight the cockle salad with canons. A tasty tapas Madrid Retiro restaurant that will surprise you.

Calle Doctor Castelo, 15

Taberna de buendi Madrid

Marcano restaurant madrid

This restaurant owes its name to chef David Marcano, trained with Arzak, who runs this restaurant where his dishes are an example of Basque haute cuisine. A haut cuisine based on the quality of the product and influenced by Asian and American cuisines.

Marcano has two rooms: the room, for diners; and the bar, with high chairs where you can appreciate the work of cooks overlooking the kitchen. Don’t forget to try their mussel croquettes and the sheep’s milk croquettes with Idiazábal, the bluefin tuna tartar or the homemade salted antxoas.

Doctor Castelo, 31

Marcano restaurant madrid

As you can see there are delicious tapas near Retiro park Madrid. Tapas bars that are ideal after a long walk though the Retiro Park. As well in tapastour.madrid everyday we make delicious Madrid Tapas Tours. These tours are ideal if you not only want to eat very tasty tapas. We recommend that you take these magnificent tours if you want to learn interesting and fun facts. At the same time you can meet new people and have a cool experience in Madrid. We go to tapas bars that only locals know.

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