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A GOURMET Tapas Experience in Madrid Chueca | Not Only for Foodies

Looking for tapas in Madrid Chueca? Since the 1980s, Chueca has been the liveliest district in Madrid. Between Malasaña and Chueca, the Movida was born. Spain had just come out of the Franco dictatorship and Spaniards wanted to live and move freely after 36 years. From this spirit derives the word Mo-Vida (vida, means life). Although Chueca had been an elegant district of Madrid. In the last decades of the dictatorship it had become a degraded area. It is mainly thanks to the gay community of Madrid that this place has returned to life. Today Chueca is the most “fashionable” district of Madrid with beautiful architectural buildings. 

Even though Chueca is referred to as the gay and lesbian district of Madrid, in reality all the urban cultures and subcultures of Madrid coexist with great respect for the sexual opinions of each. You will see colorful drag queens all dressed in pink like an ordinary walker. This is the place of alternative shopping, bookshops, night clubs, artists and designers. It also has an intense day life with tapas restaurants that open at early schedules.

The center of the neighborhood is called Plaza de Chueca. This square is always crowded with many people in terraces, restaurants and nightclubs. Here you can find several places with delicious tapas in Madrid Chueca. Despite being a very trendy place, you can find cosy places ideal to go on a Sunday morning and drink vermouth while eating tapas. So, less conversation and a litle bit more action. Here you have the top  bars and restaurants in Madrid Chueca that you should visit in your time in Madrid.

Top tapas bars and restaurants in Madrid Chueca

When you arrive in the neighborhood you will see that many of the tapas bars and restaurants in Chueca Madrid are really fashionable. The places that don’t follow a unique aesthetic are replaced by something else, almost certainly even more original. Be prepared to see everything anywhere and delight your pupil and the palate.

Taberna Ángel Sierra

One of the historic places of the square with more than 100 years serving delicious food. The interior of the place is awesome but is not the only cool thing here. They served a tasty vermut that is ideal to mix with tapas and pinchos. They have mussels, pickled tuna, anchovies, anchovies, razor clams, belly and much more. The flavor is going to conquer all palates and, while you are enjoying some tapas in Madrid chueca, you can see mockups. These mockups are in all the pace and speak about the history of this amazing restaurant. 

Address: Calle San Gregorio 2



Located in the popular district of Chueca, Madrid, this renovated and modern market, distributed over three floors. Offers to the visitors seasonal and high quality products. Have a traditional market, show cooking/ take-away places and a restaurant-terrace. This is a trendy place to shop, have an aperitif and enjoy tasty tapas and delicatesse pinchos.Almost any type of tapa you can find here in this awesome Spanish market. Vegetarian tapas, seafood tapas or traditional ones made of pork, cheese and ham.

 Its origins date back to the 19th century, but in 2001 it was decided to renew it and adapt it to the new times, to finally reopen its doors in May 2011. A great option if you are coming with your family or with a group of people and each one wants to eat different types of tapas / food.

Address: San Miguel square sn


SIDRERIA el tigre Madrid bar

Are you tired of spending money every time you want to go to bars? Would you like the tapas in Madrid chueca to be more generous than they usually are? The solution is located in the heart of the Chueca district. It is called El Tigre, a cider bar that has already opened its second location in Malasaña. This tapas bar goes beyond the concept of “tapas bar” that all we have.

What’s so special about it? Since the arrival of the economic crisis, there are numerous offers of low-cost hospitality but, unlike others, El Tigre offers a quality meal. The price of drinks is 2,50€ and the reason for this inflated price is that it is accompanied by some very generous tapas. When we say generous we speak of two large dishes up to the top of food. Include croquettes, chicken wings, white potatoes, montaditos of many varieties, paella, potato tortilla and many more. A delightful place ideal to go with your friends.

Address: Calle de las Infantas 23

el tigre madrid bar

La polleria chueca madrid

We should recognize that we are in a gay and lesbian neighbor. This is maybe why this place is so famous. “La polleria’ has an incredible and original concept. They transform a typical Spanish dessert into something that the people really  want to eat. And this is a dick. No joking, the places offer waffles in the form of a penis. Well decorated with chocolate chips and almonds or whatever you want to put in. To be honest the flavor is amazing and is something unique that you just can find here. A great desert after getting full of tapas in Chueca Madrid.

Address: Calle de Gravina 3

La polleria chueca madrid

La coñeria Madrid Spain

If there is a dessert with a form of a penis, why not one shaped like a vagina? This is a dessert shop where funny waiters are going to attend to you. Once you choose your favorite flavored vagina you can choose between more than 15 toppings to add. Chocolate, chips, ice cream and much more. You will have a fun time while enjoying a magnificent dessert. The Spanish traditions of eating tapas can’t be finished with a great dessert like this one.

Address: Plaza de Chueca 5

la coñeria madrid Spain


Emblematic place with an old-fashioned and bohemian atmosphere where small concerts by singer-songwriters are common. Some of them have already consolidated in the national musical scene. It is also possible to enjoy storytelling, poetry recitals and other independent disciplines. Its bar is ideal to have a few beers with friends and enjoy good talks. But if you are going to visit this cultural place ask for a great coffee with some tapas or a desert. You will be surrounded by spanish people and atmosphere

cafe libertad 8

Chueca is the favorite place of Pedro Almodovar who began his career as a director here and who was the greatest artistic witness of Madrid. The era of “La Movida” is not over but it has become something different that the locals called “Marcha”. A desire to be in constant movement, go out, meet, eat, chat, have fun and then, resume the journey. We made all of this in tapastour.madrid with our tapas tour Madrid every day. Discover amazing places with unique Spanish food, learn about interesting facts and make new friends from all over the world.

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