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Looking for the best bars and restaurants to eat some tasty tapas in Madrid Chamberi ?. Madrid is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe and each district has a strong identity and a special atmosphere. The best area of Madrid to visit or to move to will depend on your lifestyle and your tastes. You can choose between the Malasana, Chueca, La Latina, Lavapies or the historic centre of Madrid. Probably in the Salamanca district, the literary district, the Retiro district or the Argüelles / Chamberi district live the majority of Madrileñas.

Is formed by the districts of Trafalgar, Arapiles, Gaztambide, Vallehermoso, Ríos Rosas and Almagro. The district of Chamberí was the residential area of much of the aristocracy during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Chamberí houses the Sorolla Museum and the Geominer Museum. The first is located in the house where the Valencian painter lived and, in addition to the exhibition of his paintings, a visit to his facilities allows you to admire his precious collections of sculptures, furniture and ceramics, as well as his fantastic garden. But if you are looking for great tapas in MAdrid Chamberi you should try at least one of this places:

Top Tapas in Madrid Chamberi | Tapas bars you must visit

Ponzaning is one of the most popular expressions among Madrid foodies, since little more than a year. Making a ponzaning means making a tour around the restaurants that are located in Calle Ponzano. Can be referred to as an authentic patron of good eating tapas in Madrid Chamberi. Next to the usual restaurants, we find several new openings. You can taste tapas, classic or new ones, but also a lot of international cuisine, including delicious Argentine pizzas. If you visit this area on weekends, I suggest you book a little in advance.

Among the places that are always worth stopping for tapas are: Sylkar (C/ Espronceda, 17) for its tortilla de patatas (with onion and little cooked). La Ardosa (C/ Santa Engracia, 70), also famous for its tortilla and its craft beers. El Doble (C/ Ponzano, 58), a tavern inspired by the decoration of bullfighting and full of photos of famous people. Here every drink is always accompanied by a good tapa. But the top places for great tapas in Madrid Chamberi are:


Among the new openings, which contributed to the birth of the phenomenon ponzaning, it is necessary to mention the Sala de Despiece. A kind of work in progress restaurant, specialized in recipes of fish or raw meat. It also can be like a Smoking Club because recently they have smoked dishes. A great choice for a real high quality tapas experience.

sala despiece madrid


If you want to eat something more ‘typical’, I recommend you go to Taberna Averías, whose menu was conceived by chef Juanjo López Bedmar (La Tasquita de Enfrente). One of its strong points is the wine list. It has 400 labels that you can drink by the glass. Delicious tapas in Madrid Chamberi are waiting for you here.

tavern Averias Madrid


Another of the institutions in the area to enjoy good Spanish food is Lambuzo. Its owners are from Cádiz so you will find many fried dishes on the menu. I recommend you try las croquetas off shrimps. The shrimp tapas Madrid that are served here can be considered as one of the very best in all the town. Lambuzo has recently inaugurated a third room at the Chamberí Market (La Chispería de Chamberí), not far from Ponzano Street. Those are ideal places to eat some very tasty food while you enjoy good company.

LAMBUZO madrid Spain

PICSA - Argentinian pizza

If you are not a fundamentalist of Italian pizza style, I strongly suggest you know the creations of Picsa, an Argentine pizzeria (Argentina is very famous for their pizza) that processes pizzas with a mass similar to that of focaccia, easy enough to digest. They have a wood-burning oven, but I warn you, do not expect to find the classic daisy, the tastes of Picsa have nothing to do with those of a classic Italian pizzeria, among other things you can ask for a pizza with two flavors. We know that this is not considered a tapa but is an excellent option that you must try.

PICSA - Argentinian pizza


You want to grab a burger?  Not far from Ponzano Street is Burger Joint, a very informal venue (without table service and tablecloths or crockery) with a New York-style feel. His hamburgers, his French fries and his brownies will put his frugal environment in the background…

BURGER JOINT madrid spain

What do you say? Should we go ponzaning this weekend?

Fun fact: Not far away is Andén Cero – Estación de Chamberí, an old metro station, closed in 1969, and transformed into a centre of interpretation of the Madrid Metro. It allows us to go back to 1919 Madrid, the year in which the first metro line was inaugurated that crossed the city center from Cuatro Caminos to Gran Vía. In the “ghost station” of Chamberí there are no ghosts -sorry, or not, that that goes in tastes-, but the classic decoration in white tiles of the old stops of the Madrid Metro, advertising also in tile format of brands and products of the time, the old exit steps suitable for smart-asses.

One surprise after another or one memory after another, depending on how old you are. We tell you all about the visit to the ghost station of Chamberí in another article, but we anticipate that it is free, although it must be reserved.

In tapastour.madrid you will find just the best tips and places where to eat. Every day we make an incredible Madrid Tapas Tour that is ideal for you. You will learn amazing fun facts and about the food culture of Spain. Make your reservation today and live an incredible experience with your family and friends. Boost your time in Madrid making this activity that is going to be part of your memories for all your life.

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