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Madrid Food Guide | Where to Eat Mouth-Watering Shrimp Tapas in Madrid

Madrid is home of many interesting landmarks, so find good shrimp tapas in Madrid is not an easy job. As a major tourist hub, Madrid provides an extensive range of world and Spanish cuisine. In this guide, we focus specifically on Madrid’s authentic and traditional dishes. We are going to bring you the best and finest tips of where you can find delicious shrimp tapas. Also, an overview of some of the modern places and tasty dishes that you can’t miss in your time here. Madrid is absolutely amazing and it certainly deserves to be experienced to be believed!

Spanish tapas garlic shrimp is a dish which can be either grilled or roasted. Usually is served on a small plate because the Spaniard tradition of take tapas the same day in different places. The word ‘tapas’ can be translated as a ‘cover’. It was used to cover the wine and prevent flies from entering it. Were first used in the 15th century as a means to earn money by selling the meat to poor people.

Shrimp tapas in Madrid were used long after the civil war to eradicate hunger. Shrimp were easily found on any coast of Spain and were transported to the capital as food for civilians. Now in our days, Madrid is famous city not only for the famous cultural places. Madrid have simply the best recipes of shrimp tapas. So prepare to please your palate with these tempting and appetizing shrimp tapas in Madrid.

Where to find the best Shrimp garlic oil tapas:

There are several places where you can find nice shrimp garlic tapas. But, as people that has been living all the time in Madrid, we know where are the ones you can’t miss. It is not only because of the great flavor that the original recipe with which they are made. It’s a complete culinary experience where the smells and environment of the tapas bar will bring you an unforgettable time. Although many people believe that fresh shrimps and prawns are only associated with the coast areas. The truth is that there are many restaurants where you can get a wonderful garlic shrimp tapas in Madrid and forget that you are the city center!

Prawns in Garlic Oil Tapas

1. Prawns in Garlic Oil Tapas:

Many people in Madrid love to eat garlic shrimp and pawn tapas. In the tapas bar restaurant called “La Casa del Abuelo” they prepared with a secret garlic recipe. These place, that have more than 100 years open, has been visited by many presidents and kings. La casa del abuelo is located in street Victoria and can be one of the most famous tapas places of all the center. These tapas places are frequently visited by locals that knows where is the best quality in a fair price. Madrilenians love seafood and if you want to eat something really succulent, you have to start here.

2. Garlic Prawns With Paprika:

Of course that you can find a place to eat well without spending a big amount of money. The best garlic prawns with paprika that you will find in the city are the ones made by “Mas al Mar” tapas gastro bar. This magnificent place is located near the Atocha train station and also has a rich flavored seafood that can be found in the form of tapas or paella. If you are looking for a dish that is a little different than the traditional Madrilenian fare, then you might want to consider to take the shrimp tapas Madrid here.  We don’t have enough words to describe the great sensation that you will experience. So is better that you live it on your own with your family and friends on a sunny day.

Garlic Prawns With Paprika
Garlic Prawns With Baby Eels and Clams

3. Garlic Prawns With Baby Eels and Clams

The baby eels are a very expensive dish in Spain but we know the places where to eat themes in a good price. The best of all is that there is a complete and well served tapas that are going to become one of your favorites. The garlic prawns with baby eels and clams are some kind of delicatessen tapa with unique mix of flavors. “Casa Lucio” is a restaurant that is located in the famous street of “Caba Baja” in La Latina. Our wide recommendation is that you come to visit it and try these authentic tapas. Just be careful because, maybe, you heart and palate will miss this experience all the life.

apetizing spanish tapas garlic prawns

As you may be able to imagine, if you are looking for some shrimp tapas Madrid while you are here, finding the restaurants that specialize in this garlic shrimp tapas recipe delicacies may prove to be slightly difficult. Luckily, due to our super recommendations, this now is very easy to do. Madrid has a great number of food guide companies that have put together comprehensive lists of everything that is available in the capital city. But in we specialized in everything related to tapas. We are experts making Madrid tapas tour. An ideal tour to eat not only shrimp and prawn garlic tapas, but all the most famous in all Madrid.

Vegetarians in Madrid should head to Plaza Mayor. Plaza Mayor is a big public square with lots of cafes, restaurants and banks. This is also a good place for locals to get out and socialize with other locals. Plaza Mayor is located next to Puerta del Sol, Madrid’s oldest public area. While there, look for local shops, cafes, and restaurants to eat, you can escape and try one of this delicious shrimp tapas.

Last, but certainly not least, there are two types of drinks that are widely choose for this kind of tapas prawns in garlic. Traditional drinks like cyder and white wine. While a great deal of Madrid is centered on these traditional meals, which include drink, Madrid is also famous for its delicious deserts. While it may not seem like much, nougat can actually pack quite a wallop: it is rich and creamy and contains a surprisingly large amount of sugar! So, the next time you are looking for tapas recipes garlic prawns, remember that you should not forget to go with your empty stomach.

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