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DELICIOUS Seafood Tapas in Madrid You Must Try! | The Seafood tapas you can’t miss

There’s just one thing that can guarantee you when you are looking for seafood tapas in Madrid, you will eat delicious. It’s one of the main reasons that so many people who travel to Spain go directly to Madrid. Spend a couple of days exploring the city is a fantastic cultural idea. But we can’t forget that we are those foodies that are looking for the best Spanish dishes.  While in Madrid are some Michelin-starved restaurants, it’s also cool to try the true and traditional dishes. This kind of dishes are going to conquer your heart and will provoke your taste fell in love.

Definitely, the first tapas that should try once you are here, are the seafood tapas in Madrid. If you haven’t eaten before some seafood tapas dishes you are in for a real treat. Just as the city itself is rich in history, the seafood from Madrid is as well. Dishes such as shrimp and bream are two of Spain’s best known delicacies but are not the only ones. Here you have our top of the best seafood tapas in Madrid. Remember that in Spain most of the tapas don’t have spice, but you can always add a lil bit to make more flavored any dish. In case you want to try, we recommend you to ad “brava sauce” to any tapa you eat. For an extra kick, try “guindilla” powder on the seafood taps once it comes out of the kitchen.

But, What is Seafood Tapas?

Dishes served in Spain typically adapted for local consumption. The tapas are small dishes made with fresh ingredients and vegetables and meat from the local markets. Typically,  the tapas are portions that the people eat during all day. Instead of eat a complete meal, once they are in a restaurant, the Spaniards prefer to eat small portions in one place, then go to another restaurant to eat another small portion and continue the dynamic for several hours.

The seafood tapas madrid are this special small dishes made with fish, crustaceans or mollusks. Spanish tapas are much smaller dishes that are served with bread, rice or other foods that are eaten with the tapa. You will also find that the main ingredients for tapas are Jam, fish, egg, prawns and chiken. Vegetables and fruits are also used in Spanish dishes but you won’t find them so heavily used that they outnumber the meat. Take a look of the very best of the best:

Top of the BEST Seafood Tapas Madrid

Many of the local tapas in Madrid are prepared using the same techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. One of the best ways to enjoy traditional seafood tapas in Madrid is eat small quantities in different places. By this way, your holidays are going to be remembered for many more years. If you want to enjoy appetizing seafood tapas in Madrid you should go to the restaurants that are listed here. We listed just the best seafood tapas in Spain that can be found in Madrid town. These dishes are salty, while others are spicy (but even a kid can eat them with our any problem). Try any one of these great tapas and enjoy the flavorful of each one of them!

1. Galician Octopus:

Along with seafood, Madrid also has some incredible way to make a Galician Octopus seafood dish. Maybe you can think that the best of it is in Galicia as its name say. But believe it or not the recipes in Madrid of this kind of tapa are really authentic. One of the most famous place where you can take it is called “La Pulperia de Victoria” near to Sol. Here, the octopus is well cooked with onions, garlic, and rosemary in olive oil. This is just a mouth-watering tapa that will become one of your favorites.

galician octupues tapa

2. Garlic Prawns Tapas:

One traditional tapas that has been eaten since more than 100 years are the Garlic Prawns.  This kind of tapa have many different variations, but the favorite of the people are the ones prepared with garlic. This tapas food seafood can be found in almost any tapas bar. But as experts we are, we tell you that not all of them have the quality you are looking for.  Simply go to “La Casa del Abuelo” located near Plaza Mayor or Huertas and enjoy them. Later on you are going to thanks us!!

Garlic Prawns Tapas

3. Boqueron Seafood and Tapas:

The boqueron is a small fish that can be found easily in any coast of Spain. This dish was very common in the civil war and thanks to it the hunger was eradicated. The most common boqueron are in vinegar but we preferred the grilled ones. Enjoy this boquerones seafood tapa in “La Casa de la Trucha”. You can take a sit in a terrace that they have and enjoy a lovely and delicious day.

Boqueron Seafood and Tapas

4. Fried Squid Sandwich Madrid:

Madrid is a culinary wonderland, offering cuisines from throughout all Spain. There is simply no better way to appreciate the food than eating while making a cultural walk. To help you along on your feasting spree, the fried squid sandwich in Madrid is low-cost and a succulent tapa. Is a famous dish because is fast to make and really healthy. In Plaza Mayor you can find a tapas place that has the best “bocadillo de calamares”. Is called “La Campana” and for only 3 euros you can try this tapa that will make your repeat several times.

Fried Squid Sandwich Madrid

5. Fish and shrimp best croquettes Madrid:

The croquettes can be made from a lot of different ingredients. Each one of them will have a different flavor. But as a recommendation, take some sea croquettes made of fish or shrimp. This is some cheap and very good food ideal for any time. Although is going to be a completely new experience for your mouth. Do your self a favor and stop your walk an eat some of this great dish. You can take one of the best croquettes in “Solo de Croquetas Echegaray” where you are going to find more than 50 different ones.

best croquettes Madrid

Try any of this seafood tapas in Madrid and mix them with some craft red wine. While Spain is known for its red wine, Spain also offers white wines, which are less dry and sweeter than reds. These wines are ideal to mix them with some seafood tapas. We make incredible tapas tour in Madrid where you are going to eat some of this amazing dishes. The places where we go has the best and more fresh seafood for tapas.

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