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A Delightful Tapas Bar Experience


Make now your reservation for this delicious tour and live an authentic experience with your family and friends


A Delightful Tapas Bar Experience for you and for your friends.

From now on you can enjoy the tapas bar experience in Madrid EVERY DAY. We make tapas experience from Monday to Sunday, an ideal activity for all the people. Welcome to all travelers, backpackers, new families, couples celebrating an anniversary, international students, au pairs, etc. Let’s meet and enjoy a delicious activity altogether.

? The Most Delightful Tapas Bar Experience in Madrid

Meeting of the tapas bar experience of Madrid Time 18.30 hrs.

What’s Included:

  • Tapas place: Big jar of beer, sangria or soda + “all you can eat” of Madrilenian tapas.
  • Private Guide that speaks different languages and has a lot of cultural knowledge.
  • Tips of the Food and Drinks and information about allergenic. We want that you have a safe experience with us.

? WHEN: Every day from 18.30 until 21:00

? MEETING POINT: Calle Espoz y Mina 28, 28012 Madrid, España ,Metro Sol

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Enjoy a delicious and legendary evening while you will discover the gastronomic of Spain in this walking tour. Follow our expertise’s though selected restaurant and tapas bar that locals love. All the food is made just with high-quality ingredients, so you can have a great experience. This is also a cultural tour, where the guides are going to bring amazing information. You will be surprised by this special information that you will surely share with your family and friends.


Important information to be considered for the best tapas tour in Madrid:


  • Remember that there are going to be tapas that are going to be share with the other travelers and tourist.
  • We are going to be in the center of the city, there are plenty of public transport to arrive and for leave.
  • Some of the places are not adapted for wheelchair and this activity, as well, is not recommended for persons with problems in the back.
  • The majority of the tapas contain gluten, so this tour is not recommendable for persons that are allergic to gluten.
  • Some of the tapas contain seafood, if you are allergic, please tell to our guide before start the experience. By this way we can fix for you another type of tapas.
  • This is not a vegetarian tapas tour. Most of the tapas contain meet, in case you are looking for a vegetarian food you can let us know so we can recommend to you some vegetarian tapas places.



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