Madrid christmas dinner

An amazing Madrid christmas dinner | Where to go and what to do

The time of a Madrid Christmas dinner arrives and is your chance to enjoy it. The Christmas traditions in Spain are numerous and are handed down from generation to generation. Always maintaining the same spirit of communion and great happiness, as in all countries. But what differentiates Spanish Christmas from others is precisely the nature of these traditions!

Christmas Dinner in Madrid Spain

Did you know that in Madrid in Christmas, it’s not Santa Claus who brings gifts?. That’s right. The Spanish do not receive a visit from Santa Claus on 25 December, but wait for 6 January. This is the day on which the so called Cabalgata de Reyes Magos is celebrated. That is, the advent of the Three Kings who parade in every city of Spain bringing gifts to all children.

And on New Year’s Eve?. Tradition has it that in Spain grapes are the real protagonist and the real bearer of luck!. During the countdown before midnight, the Spaniards try to eat 12 grapes before the twelve bells end. In Madrid it is tradition to do it altogether in Puerta del Sol. Those who succeed, will live a new year full of luck and prosperity!

Christmas Dinner in Madrid Spain

Christmas dinner madrid | Typical food

Christmas is a time when gastronomy is at the center of the scene in Spain. With many typical Spanish dishes and desserts that are enjoyed only at Christmas time. During the entire Christmas period in Spain families gather and enjoy the traditional Spanish festivities, eating meat and fish dishes. This is from the Reyes Magos dinner on 24 December to the celebration of the arrival on 6 January. The dinner is without missing a lot of sweets!. There are some unmissable dishes that are the protagonists of Christmas lunches in Spain. While each region has its own traditions. It’s time to take a look at these 10 traditional Spanish Christmas foods to try. If you want to celebrate Christmas like a real Spaniard in 2021!. Ready to enjoy a great Madrid Christmas dinner with family and friends?


Anyone who has spent even a short period of time in Spain will know how much the Spanish love sausage. Any kind of them such as ham (the famous jamón), chorizo and morcilla (made of blood and rice). Also the Christmas period in Spain is no exception. The entremes served at Christmas in Spain are basically cold cuts. This are served at the beginning of a Christmas lunch, and in addition to containing the best Spanish “jamón”. Often also include a selection of local cheeses.

In short, if you are planning a holiday in the Iberian Peninsula. Christmas period in Spain definitely reserves a lot of wonderful surprises!


Suckling pig

In the Spanish region of Castile and León and Madrid, cochinillo (suckling pig) is a very typical Christmas dish. Is often at the center of the scene as part of the Christmas Eve meal. Although there are places where you prefer lamb. People from Madrid often order their suckling pig from Segovia or Valladolid months in advance. When the big day comes, the meat is cooked until the skin becomes crisp and dark brown. This juicy meat is often served with potatoes and onions that are caramelized under the meat during cooking.

Suckling pig

Fancy seafood christmas dinner

Eating well at Christmas is very important in Spain and for an occasion like Christmas, the Spaniards do not care about expenses. Whether it’s a shrimp cocktail or an impressive main course of lobster, seafood will appear at some point in most Spanish births. A great Madrid christmas dinner to enjoy until 3 am.

fancy seafood christmas dinner

Spanish marzipan sweets

Although in Toledo, just south of Madrid, it is eaten all year round, marzipan is another symbol of Christmas gastronomy in Spain. The first written reference dates back to 1577 and is believed to be of Arab origin, although some say that she was born in the convent of San Clemente, in the capital of Castile-La Mancha, at the hands of her nuns. This sweet candy is made up of chopped almonds, egg yolk and sugar, and is molded into various shapes that are almost too beautiful to be eaten!

spanish marzipan sweets

Spanish Polvorones and Mantecados

You’ll find these colorful polvorones and mantecados in most Spanish supermarkets during the holiday period. Polvorones are a Spanish dessert known for its crumbly texture. No Christmas meal is complete without a polverón and these buttery biscuits are traditionally made with lard, roasted wheat flour, chopped almonds and sugar. The name comes from the fact that when you add the flour that decorates this typical Spanish cake, this looks like dust. The Spanish mantecados, on the other hand, are very similar small biscuits. They are slightly less crumbly than polvorones and can be found in many flavors, but the most typical ones are cinnamon and anise. A delicious desert for a awesome Madrid Christmas dinner, specially when is with a chocolate cup.

spanish polvorones

Roscos de Vino

This is one of the most typical dishes of all Spain. In every home at Christmas dinner you are going to see one of these Roscos on the table. One of the peculiarities of these doughnut biscuits is that they contain a small amount of sweet wine and nuts, and once finished they are covered with powdered sugar that makes these delicious Spanish biscuits look snowy. In addition to a drop of wine, a rosco de vino is made with flour, sugar, olive oil, lemon zest, ground sesame seeds and a sprinkling of anise liqueur. Those of Malaga and Castile-La Mancha are particularly well known.

roscos de vino

Turron spanish candy

The super flavor that conquers the hearts of old persons and childs is made with few ingredients. Although there are currently dozens of varieties of turrón, which is simply the Spanish version of nougat, from pistachio to truffle or coconut, the two most popular are still the good old hard and soft varieties.

turron spanish candy

Roscón de Reyes Spain

No Christmas period in Spain is complete without the “Roscón de Reyes”. This bread-like sweet cake has the shape of a large donut and is decorated with candied fruit and sometimes it is stuffed with cream or whipped cream. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular Christmas sweets in Spain! It is almost impossible to find a house in Spain where they do not serve roscón for breakfast or as a snack on January 6th, to celebrate what is known in Spain as the Day of the Three Kings. All that remains to be decided is whether this Christmas and New Year’s Eve you will choose to enjoy your roscón with or without cream, which is always a heated debate every year in Spain.

roscon de eyes spain

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