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What to EAT and DRINK in LA LATINA TAPAS District

Few are comparable to enjoy food in la latina tapas district. The lively Latina barrio is a maze of alleys overlooking tapas bars and wineries. It stands on the side of a medieval Islamic fortress and the Moorish tower of the Church of San Pedro el Real. Among the main attractions of the area are the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, with paintings by Goya. Alos has the Catholic Church of Saint Andrés. 

On Sundays, the flea market of Rastro takes place in the small streets of the barrio. You can literally find anything, from vintage Levi’s jeans to Argentinian palo santo. After a walk in this messy yet colorful market, what is better than a beer with some tapas??. Most of the places in la latina tapas district are able to take an outside table of a small Spanish bar. But how can we avoid tourist traps? Let us help you…

Here we have drawn up a list to guide you among the cute and stylish Latina neighborhood cafes and bars

LAMIAK One of the best tapas la Latina Madrid

1. LAMIAK | One of the best tapas la Latina Madrid

There are two locations of the Lamiak bar, one in la Latina and another one in Lavapiés. Many people visit this place and even though there are two of them they’re still not enough. This is because they became popular among Spanish people for their tasty Basque tapas y pinchos. They offer an interesting variety of small and quite elaborate dishes. And it’s good so you can try a lot of different foods.

We recommend the alcachofas, aka artichokes, which are a very consumed vegetable among Spaniards. They have a nice wine selection as well. You can ask which wine can be the best recommendation for your food choice and they will help you. One of our favorite la Latina tapas places. We also recommend booking because of the high demand for this and also because of the post- covid rules.

PEZ TORTILLA | Succulent tapas in La Latina

2. PEZ TORTILLA | Succulent tapas in La Latina

The tortilla de patatas, a potato tortilla, is a “scrambled egg omelet” and potatoes. It is one of the most classic dishes of Spanish cuisine that can be found in any bar or restaurant. Even great cooks like Ferran Adrià have dedicated special attention to it.

Here’s a fun fact about the tortilla. The most popular versions of the potato tortilla is the one to which onion is added to make it juicier.

However, the purists claim that the traditional recipe does not contain it, it only has potatoes, egg and oil. If, beyond the taste of each one, someone needs arguments to opt for one or the other side, in Betanzos (considered by much as the capital of the potato tortilla) they banned the onion in the preparation of any tortilla that wants to be considered “Betanzos”.

However if you happen to be in la Latina you can enjoy a soft and mouth-watering slice of tortilla, with or without onion, we don’t judge you over your tortilla preferences.

VERMÚ EN TABERNA LA CONCHA | Appetizing cousine opened everyday

3. VERMÚ IN TABERNA LA CONCHA | Appetizing cousine opened everyday

La Concha Tavern was opened in 1996. Over the years they have expanded the offer and currently they have a varied selection of wines, beers, bottled cavas and glasses,  and obviously the Vermouth or aka Vermú in Spain.

They also make a cocktail with the vermouth which is called Manuela and it is recognized as one of the best cocktails in Madrid. Vermouth is usually an aperitif drink, you can have it with some olives (sometimes they put an olive directly in the glass). In Spain they also have a “pre-lunch aperitif” which is called piscolabis so don’t worry, there’s no way that you might look like an alcoholic for drinking before lunch, everyone here has a vermú during day time and it is not unpopular. For sure you can match your vermú with a tosta which is a toasted bread with tomato or jamon or many other toppings. Ideal mix of la latina tapas to enjoy with friends and family.

TXIRIMIRI | Basque restaurant madrid with delectable food

4. TXIRIMIRI | Basque restaurant madrid with delectable food

Yes, it is another Basque tabern, you can tell it from the “tx” spell. But you know what? Basque people make great food and Madrid has a lot of Basque taverns. Txirimiri is a place where you can have delightful pinchos (or pintxos in Baqsue) in the most Spanish way that exists, that is a la barra.

People in Spain love to eat a la barra, which is standing at the bar of the tavern, because it is more informal and you can chat with the people near you and with the barista as well, however there are also tables so you can have a seat if you prefer.  One of the most outstanding dishes are the boletus croquettes, patatas bravas and gambas al ajillo. A really cool la latina tapas restaurant with original flavors.

LA PALOMA | Really tasty Spanish fish tapas

5. LA PALOMA | Really tasty Spanish fish tapas

In one of the authentic sites of this lively part of the capital, La Paloma offers delicious fish tapas, specialty of the house: anchovies in vinegar (boquerones en vinagre), prepared by hand with vinegar and salt. Let’s not forget of course the prawns of Huelva, they became one of the best tapas of La Latina and they also have given fame to the establishment for so many years.

It is a marisqueria so their main dishes are seafood and sea fruits. And of course, as often happens in many bars in Madrid, those who are not used to seeing the shells on the floor do not get scared… As a child I heard that before entering a marisquería, you should take a look at the ground. If it is very clean, you’d better look for another place to eat your clams and shrimps.

Remember that if you are new in the city and want to meet more people you should make a Madrid Tapas Tour. In we are experts making activities for people like you. Join us today and enjoy a great experience.

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