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Is tapas popular in Madrid?

You are not the first person that has the question Is tapas popular in Madrid? Tapas bars are restaurants serving tapas, Spanish style food. Often thought of as appetizers, tapas are different from appetizers. Instead of preceding a meal, tapas are small portions of food served as an accompaniment to wine. Is like a social food. Tapas are rarely served at home but are part of the Spanish culture of eating out.

Traditionally, tapas – meaning “lids” in Spanish – and are coming from the King Alfonso X. Alfonso the Wise” According to legend, the king visited an inn where they serve glasses of beer and wine. When the host brought the king, he covered the glass with a small plate of food to protect the king’s drink from flies. The king was so impressed, he ordered all Spanish pensions to cover drinks with a small plate of food.

More practical (but less romantically), some believe that Andalucias used these food lids. Generally use them to keep flies out of their sweet Spanish sherry. Tapas-bars offer the social experience associated with the tapas experience.

Tapas bar hopping is a common evening activity for friends. Small groups of people making their way from tapas bar to bar, tasting the specialties of each location while each other’s company. In many cities, entire neightborhoods just have tapas bars, making the process-hopping bar easy and fun. Food is usually eaten standing up and often with your fingers. The atmosphere of the tapas bar is lively and convivial, and children are welcome.I

so, Is tapas are popular in Madrid Spain | Fun facts about it

You can find three types of tapas: cosas de picar, pinchos and Cazuelas. The first, cosas de picar, refers to food eaten with your fingers and literally means “things to munch on.” An a famous example is olives. If you use a tool to take food, then receive the name of pinchos. Many of these are served with small, decorated toothpicks called banderillas.

A specific type of tapas, a Basque dish called pintxo. Made from skewered-served toothpick meats on bread. The last category is cazuelas, a messy form of tapas served in a sauce – like meatballs. But the empty cork seemed sad, and a more generous host began to lean on a piece of bread. So yes, tapas are really popular in Madrid.

That soon was enriched with a bit of compatriot: and from the cap to the tapas the step was short. And it was born a myth that we will discover in the clubs that serve the best tapas in Madrid where the classic ingredients are always those: cheese, anchovies, olives, ham. Also tripe, potatoes and squid are some of the products that form the traditional tapas usually served with beer, wine or vermouth.

But the combinations are practically endless. And at this point we are hungry. Let’s discover the 10 best places to eat tapas in Madrid. There is not just one way to order tapas as it depends on your personality. You will find people waiting for the waiter to approach the table to very politely ask for the lid and some other wine. There are those who come directly to the bar to ask for their favorite food.

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Don't be shy and enjoy a great experience

They want while leaving a tip to take care of more quickly. There are the undecided who, being their first time, ask the waiter everything about their ingredients and those who look at the dish of the person next to them. This is because is tapas are popular in Madrid and now you know it.

So whether you’re the shy one, the screamer, the one giving advice or the inquirer, ask them how you want them to get to your table, just don’t confuse the waiter with someone else because if they don’t they’ll never get there. In Spain all waiters are attentive but the service is not usually as good as in Latin American countries. If the waiter doesn’t see you in the eyes or doesn’t speak to you, don’t think it’s because he dislikes you, it’s because it’s the way they are because of their Spanish culture.

Don’t lose your chance and make today a tapas tour. You will eat delicious types of tapas while learning the history of Spanish food. Make now your reservation and enjoy an experience as you deserve.

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