how do i order tapas

How do I order Tapas?

Google how do i order tapas? or how you can order tapas in Madrid? Tapas are not just recipes ready to enjoy. Even the way you eat them, in Spain, follows a ritual. It is very common to eat a couple of tapas in one bar and move to another. After the second one the people move then to another and they make the same like 5 times. This is what in Spanish is called “Tapeo” or “Ir de tapas”.

Very common especially during the weekend, this local tour becomes a sort of itinerant dinner. The diner they took is all based on tapas. It is also traditional, after the meal, to clean your mouth with a handkerchief. Once your mouth is clean you should throw it at the foot of the counter if the dishes were tasty. The number of tissues on the floor of a room is therefore an excellent measure of how good are its tapas. But before eating delicious tapas you should know how do i order tapas. Don’t get nervous because the people speak in Spanish and follow our steps.

How do I properly order tapas?

At authentic tapas bars, you will have to go to the counter where the many options to choose. They are in a glass case or on the top of the bar ready to eat. It is more usual and cheaper to eat standing behind the bar counter or at those cask of wine that most locals have. If you go to a more contemporary tapas bar, chances are you’ll be sitting and ordering from a menu like a typical restaurant.

Tapas dishes are rmade to share, so going with a group where everyone orders one or two different things is ideal. If you are unfamiliar with tapas and are not sure what to order, do not hesitate to ask the bartender or your waiter to select the best options for you.

As we said before, tapas are small portions of Spanish dishes, served at the tapas bar across the country. While the different types of tapas offers vary depending on the region, common elements include potato bravas, fried potatoes topped with tomato, or the oi Iberian jamon sauces, a popular, high quality Spanish ham.

how do i order tapas

In case you want to experience an authentic experience you should make a tapas tour Madrid. We make very cool tours ideal for you. While eating you will be surprised by the incredible facts that our expert guide will give you.

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