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The Best CHEAP Tapas in Madrid | Food and places you cant miss

Just the locals know well where are the best cheap tapas in Madrid. All of them are made with fresh ingredients and provoke nice emotions in all of us. Just as an advice, be careful of what you eat. These tapas are so delicious that you will fell in love and your heart will stay in Madrid. It can be difficult to find the best tapas if you don’t know well the city. In most of the streets and corners you will find very good tapas restaurants. But been honest, not all of them have the magnificent reputation between the local people. So, how to find the best cheap tapas in Madrid centro?. We are experts in tapas and we prepare a list with our favorite tapas. Don’t miss your opportunity to eat some of them in your time here in Madrid.

In this list we choose the flavored tapas with more tradition and history. Tapas that prepare restaurants that have something special and uncommon. You can find as well really good tapas in touristic places but that is not what we want for you. We want to introduce to you to amazing places that can draw in your face an authentic smile of satisfaction and pleasure. And we do this because anyone has the right to try these delicious flavors.  Before start we need to be clear with you. We don’t take benefits for this valuable information and we do it because it’s a pleasure. We hope you enjoy this good tapas Madrid and repeat more than once.

Top GOOD and CHEAP Tapas in Madrid

We start this list of good cheap tapas Madrid with places that are located in the center of the town. We recommend you to visit this area in the mornings and make a cultural walking tour. In the middle of the day Madrid centro is an ideal place to walk and buy some souvenirs for friends. You are going to find in Fuencarral street and Gan via street a lot of designer clothes shops. But once the time arrive and your stomach ask for food you should visit the next spots to eat amazing and cheap tapas in Madrid:

1. Seafood or Chicken Paella

With no doubts the paella is a succulent dish that is prepared almost in every restaurant in Madrid. In some touristic areas and restaurants, like in Plasa Mayor, the prices can go to the sky. This don’t mean that you are going to eat the best paella but we can consider some of these places a tourist trap. In the other hand, if you are looking for a cheap paella tapas in Madrid with high quality you should visit some places near to Plaza de Santa Ana. Theirs one tapas place called “La fragua de Vulcano” where a succulent paella tapa can be for 5 euros. With one of them you are going to recover enough energy to continue your visit in Madrid.

paela paella tapa

2. Garlic Prawns

If you are a lover of the seafood this kind of tapas are going to be one of your favorites. These cheap tapas in Madrid have been served since almost 100 years ago. The tradition starts in some areas near to the coast like Valencia. Over time, the Madrileñas perfected this delicious dish, making it one of the best in all Spain. As well as with the paella, you can find some places in Salamanca neighborhood with exorbitant prices and small portions.  Move from there and move backwards to Puerta del Sol to one place called “La casa del Abuelo”. The portions are so satisfying and are in a fair price that you will want to repeat. They have a secret formula that make dish garlic prawns the favorite of locals and internationals.

Garlic Prawns tapa

3. Serrano Ham

There is no other part of the world where you can have serrano ham. This is a dish from Spain to the world and is one of most popular tapas in Madrid. The serrano ham can be found in all the restaurants in Madrid, except the vegetarian ones. Depending of the type of ham is the price you are going to find. There are some pigs that all their lives are treated in a very special way with massages and unique food. The most special ones are fed with acorn, by this way the meat get into a special and unique flavor.

We recommend to you to go to “El museo del Jamon” (the museum of the ham). This tapas restaurant has different branches and you can find them in Sol, Palacio and La Latina. Here you can eat cheap tapas in Madrid from 2 euros and try all different types of serrano ham.

serrano ham tapa

4. Montaditos

The montaditos are some kind of sandwich that the Spaniard people use to eat during the week. This tapa is taken as part of breakfast or as a snack to relieve hunger in the middle of the day. In “100 montaditos” you can find a big variety of this cheap tapas. You can eat one of these tapas from 1.5 euros and the selection include more than 120 different montaditos. From sea food to vegetarians, this is an ideal option if you are hungry and want to eat something different of the traditional dishes. Is not going to be difficult to find one of this places. There are well located and you can find them almost in each neighborhood.

montaditos tapa

5. Bravas potatoes with aioli and spicy sauce

Speaking about the kings of the tapas we can’t miss the patatas bravas. These fresh potatoes are a flavorful dish than is in most of the Spanish tapa’s restaurants. Recently these good tapas in Madrid has been in a trendy way. Each year more people try this dish and not only the vegetarians do it. The sauce in each restaurant is totally different and is called brava because of the spiciness flavor. Remember that we are not in Mexico or India, so spicy is not so spicy and is ideal even for a small kid. Looking for the cheapest tapas in Madrid? Then go to “Las Bravas” if you want to try this luscious flavor.

bravas potatoes with aioli and spicy sauce

As you see, there are a lot of different cheap tapas bars in Madrid and if you want to live a great food experience, we recommend to you to make a tapas tour Madrid. On we are experts on all that is referred to Madrileñan tapas. We hope you enjoy our information and don’t lose your change to make a tour with us. We visit some of these amazing places and even more. You are going to be amazed and you are going to meet new people. Register now and be part of it.

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