Madrid christmas dinner

meat restaurants in madrid

Restaurants in Madrid where you can eat meat or good quality protein. In Madrid, as in any other city, you can find restaurants that offer meat dishes on their menu. There are many establishments that offer meat of different types, such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken and other poultry. In addition, there are many restaurants

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how do i order tapas

How do I order Tapas?

Google how do i order tapas? or how you can order tapas in Madrid? Tapas are not just recipes ready to enjoy. Even the way you eat them, in Spain, follows a ritual. It is very common to eat a couple of tapas in one bar and move to another. After the second one the

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LAMIAK One of the best tapas la Latina Madrid

Is tapas popular in Madrid?

You are not the first person that has the question Is tapas popular in Madrid? Tapas bars are restaurants serving tapas, Spanish style food. Often thought of as appetizers, tapas are different from appetizers. Instead of preceding a meal, tapas are small portions of food served as an accompaniment to wine. Is like a social

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LA PALOMA | Really tasty Spanish fish tapas

Are Tapas Free in Spain?

Asking to yourself if there are tapas free in Spain ? Well it depends. We can divide the tapas into two large groups: the free lid and the tapas you order and pay for. The first one will be automatically served when you drink and can be from a few olives to a plate of

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carro del señor martin

What are tapas in Madrid?

Asking to yourself what are tapas in Madrid? When a foreigner  goes to Spain, he usually says he wants to try two things: paella and tapas. It’s a thought that drives me crazy for two reasons: Paella is typical of Valencia and Barcelona. So if you ask in Seville, Madrid or Santander, it’s like you’re

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