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The BEST Tapas in Madrid | Dishes You CANT Miss

With so many great things to say about Spanish cuisine, it’s no surprise that you think to take the best tapas in Madrid. Although, after talking time with local people, chefs, and food historians, I’ve learned that there is more than just one best tapas dish. In fact, there are probably as many good Madrid tapas as starts in the sky! So, instead of just listing the best tapas in Madrid, I’m going to give you some tips on what to order and how to enjoy it.

One thing which makes Madrid cuisine so special is the fact that, each area of the city, has its very own special flavors and specialties. This is based on the neighborhood from which it comes. What you eat in Lavapies (neighborhood in south center of the city) will be very different from other neighbors. So, if you’re looking for tapas with traditional coast flavors, don’t forget to take a long walk around here. The recommendation to take is a really nice sandwich of squids (calamares) in Salamanca.

If you like regional seafood style like octopus with salad, don’t forget to hit up the North side of the city. While you’re walking through Malasaña neighborhood, don’t forget to stop in at an authentic restaurant to try authentic grilled octopus!. This are some few examples of the best tapas in Madrid than changes a lot in each part of the city. The dishes change so much because each area of the city have different type of local people. People that come from the south like Sevilla or Valencia, usually stay to live in the south part of Madrid. The people that come to work to Madrid and are from the north, like Galicia, stays in the north part.

So, where to eat the BEST tapas in Madrid Spain 2021

There are various famous tapas bars that can be found almost in each corner of the town. This means that you can find the best tapas bars (which serve some of the best Spanish dishes in the country) in places Puerta del Sol or Huertas. While many people will get a bad taste from oysters, others will love suckling all of them. As one of the most delicious tapas dishes, it is a must try when you’re on vacation in Madrid. The oysters can be ordered with some brava sauce or even with gratin cheese.

If you’re planning to come to Madrid, make sure to try out the paws with garlic from “Casa del Abuelo”. This is for sure one place near Puerta del sol where you can find the best seafood tapas in Madrid. While there are a lot of delicious dishes in this restaurant, the most famous and traditional are the paws. This tapas bar is one of the oldest in the town with more than 100 years. The dishes include the traditional red or green chilli pepper which is often served with a mild red wine home made.

Some people also enjoy eating clamss in Madrid. This is not considered very traditional dish but some people from north, eat them on a regular basis. If you are going to northern part of the city, you will have to them. In Madrid they prepare them with unique and special recipes. Madrileñan tapas dishes tend to focus more on seafood and pork. Some of the best tapas in Madrid that serve pork are “cocido Madrileño”. This is some kind of traditional soup that have delicious flavors and has a lot of calories. Is ideal of winter times to get warm and add extra power to the body.

Listing some of the best tapas in Madrid centro you can't miss

1. Mussels with marinara sauce:

For seafood lovers, you might want to head to Batea bar, located near to the Royal Palace. This tapas place has stunning seafood dishes. When it comes to seafood in Madrid, you will need to know that the traditional dishes are mainly made from fishes such as swordfish, salted fish, white bass, tarpon, bream, king mackerel, and cod

Mussels with marinara sauce
bocata de calamares madrid

2. Bocata de calamares:

If you are a bit more adventurous, you can also try Madrileñan delicacies made from squids. This is considered one of the best tapas in Madrid and can be easily find almost in each tapas bar. We recommend you to go to “La Campana”, a lovely bar located near to Plaza Mayor. Here as well you can find octopus, squid ink, clams, oyster’s tapas and more.

3. Patatas Bravas:

If you are having a food party, you can always ask your guests to have this delectable dish. These are fresh potatoes that are prepared with a special spicy sauce called “brava sauce”. If you are interested in trying out new Spanish dishes you can’t miss the change to eat this one. Head up to “Las bravas” tapas place located back of Puerta del sol to find the best ones.

patatas bravas madrid best tapas in madrid
tortilla de patatas

4. Tortilla de Patatas:

One of the most popular and traditional food in Madrid is the “tortilla de patatas”. This is generally eaten as breakfast for most of the local people. It’s some kind of cake made of eggs and potatoes with onion and garlic. It is not hard to find this dish because it is extremely popular all over the city. There are a lot to restaurants that personalize this dish so, you can eat it everywhere.

5. Garlic prawns tapas:

What makes Madrid tapas different from other country dishes is the way of preparation of each dish. In Madrid the garlic prawns tapas are considered one of the best in all the world. One of the best tapas in Madrid is this one. If you want to eat something delicious, we recommend you to go to “La Casa del Abuelo”. This place is full of locals that each day eat this gourmet dish.

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If you like simple but delicious food then you will like tapas. A tapas tour Madrid is a tour of the best tapas bars in the city center. This tour has the best reviews and we have the best tapas in Madrid tripadvisor. Is an ideal idea if you don’t know where to go to try the best tapas in Madrid. In our webpage you will find just the best tips and advices. Perhaps the most popular dishes that you can try are in our magnific tour. We eat a large variety of dishes that can be ordered with wine or cyder.

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