Best Croquetas in Madrid

The BEST croquetas in Madrid | Delicious tapas places you should visit

Looking for the best croquetas in Madrid and where are the places to eat them?  Today we are going to talk to you extensively, almost as a guide about croquettes. The best places to eat them and where they are coming from. There are a lot of interesting aspects that, as you know, you can find in our blog. Let’s cut to the chase:


1. Croquetas Melos Madrid Bar

In the multicultural neighborhood of Lavapiés there is this place called “Melo’s bar”. This tapas bar  looks like a mountain shelter and is well known for Madrileñans. Their croquetas are the classic ones, which means with ham and bechamel, and they are very very big. The crust is very thin and trust us, it gets the perfect combination between soft and crunchy. They are famous for their homemade croquettes of ham and chorizo in the oven or fried.

Croquetas Melos Madrid Bar

2. Casa Julio Malasaña Madrid

This is a mythical tasca, which means tavern,with one of the best croquettes in Madrid. It jumped to fame when the U2 rock band went to taste their master dish. Still resembles those taverns of a lifetime and the croquettes made as a Spanish grandmother would. They have different pieces of art like salmon, potato, chicken and ham croquettes with awesome ingredients. An ideal tapas restaurant to enjoy authentic and healthy food.

Casa Julio Malasaña Madrid

3. Croquetas Pez Tortilla

As you can tell from the name, their main dish is the tortilla. It can be strange that most people order croquettes instead of the “tortilla de patatas”. In fact, going to the Pez Tortilla and leaving without eating their croquettes is like going to Barcelona without seeing Casa Batllo. There are many kinds of croquetas: from boletus and truffle, to idiazábal cheese with tomato sauce. The croquettes of Pez Tortilla are outrageous and a mouth-watering dish.

Croquetas Pez Tortilla

What are Spanish croquetas?

What is a croquette? It is food used as tapas and snacks in many bars and restaurants here in Spain. Croquettes are a portion of dough that can have different shapes, although traditionally it is usually oval or round. Its content usually consists of ingredients related to meat, fish, vegetables and even fruits or sweets. The most popular croqueta is the ham and bechamel, this is considered as one the best croquetas in Madrid.

Are croquettes French or Spanish?

Although we think many times that the croquette is a product that comes from Spain, its origin is actually French. We could tell a short story about the croquettes, but today we’re going to go a little further. Croquettes are very popular in Spain, Netherlands and Sicily.

How do you eat croquettes?

Depending on where you are, you can eat the croquetas by 2 different ways:

  • With the hand: If you are at an event or other type of celebration in which people are standing, they usually eat with the hand.
  • With cutlery: In some fancy restaurants they will approach to your table a nice cutlery. This can be as well a nice experience when you are sitting in a table

Who invented croquetas?

The croquette did not reach the peninsula until the late 19th century. This appetizer arose in France, where an aristocrat named Louis de Bechamel. He was in charge of the kitchen of King Louis XIV. The “father” of the croquettes worked as a superintendent of the house of the Duke of Orleans. History said that he or one of his assistants created the bechamel.

This sauce was actually the result of the refinement of an older sauce based on cream. The cream was made by François Pierre de la Varenne chef of the Marquis de Uxelles, to which he dedicated it, as often the cooks did for the nobility of the time. In 1817 the chef Antoine Cámere served in a dinner, for the Archduke of Russia, some croquettes a la royale. Looks like this chef had the brilliant idea to coat the béchamel sauce in a crispy layer.

Why are croquettes called croquettes?

It seems that there are more people who took credit for creating the basis for good homemade croquettes recipe. There is an Italian theory, which says that the croquette was created by the Florentine cooks of Catherine de Medici. He accompanied her to a wedding in Marseilles with Henry II of Orleans in 1533. They claim to be the inventors of the bechamel thanks to the fact that this queen initiated a gastronomic revolution in the French country. It’s been called croquette since those days because it was similar in shape to the food dog.

What are croquetas made of?

There are different types of croquettes existing in Spain but not all the people know much about it. How many times have you had leftovers from other meals and not known what to do with them? Well, if you didn’t know, those “leftovers” can be reused to make tasty croquette recipes. so they can be made of anything you have in your fridge. Tuna, vegetables, cheese, potatoes, chocolate and a big etc.. Actually, there is a place in Madrid that offer more than 100 different croquetas. An ideal place to eat croquettes with different flavors and the best croquetas in Madrid.

Day of the croqueta España | National croqueta day in Spain

Did you know that International Croquette Day is celebrated every year on January 16?. In other words something that everyone likes must have its own special date and this delicacy would not be left behind

What are the Different types of croquetas?

You can find a lot of types of croquetas in the world but in Spain they are delicious and here you have the different types of the best croquetas in Madrid and Spain:

  • Iberian ham croquettes, pork, boar, bull’s tail, meat or any pork derivative (chorizo, bacon, blood sausage, sausage, cecina, etc).
  • Fish croquettes (cod croquettes, seafood, hake, anglerfish, squid, shrimp croquettes, etc).
  • Blue cheese croquettes (Roquefort cheese, idiazabal cheese, parmesan, cabrales, etc).
  • Boletus croquettes (mushrooms, mushrooms, etc.).
  • Chicken croquettes.
  • Vegetable croquettes (zucchini, cauliflower, artichokes, broccoli, spinach, chard, candied leek croquettes, date and carrot, etc).
  • Sweet croquettes (chocolate, rice with milk, apple, etc).
  • Rice croquettes (typical in Japan and Italy).
  • Potato croquettes (very common in Sicily).
  • Croquetas de cocido.

Most consumed croquettes in Spain 2021

As a result according to our sources in a study we carried out from Croquetas Ricas, the most demanded croquettes during this year 2020 were:

  • Iberian ham (65% of locals ask for it).
  • Mushrooms (boletus, mushrooms, etc.) almost 12% of Madrileñans ask for it.
  • Fish (cod is the reference) 8% .
  • Meat (chicken, cooked, bull’s tail, chorizo, blood sausage, etc) 5%.
  • Cheese (blue, goat, Gorgonzola, Idiazabal, etc) 4%.
  • Seafood (shrimp, changurro, carabineros, chipirones, etc).
  • Vegetables (carrot, leek, zucchini, etc).


There are plenty of curiosities about this aperitive and is ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels and caterings because In case you want to try really good croquettes in your time in Madrid we recommend you to make a Madrid Tapas Tour. In we bring new and unique food experiences but experiences that are going to be in your memories forever. Reserve your place now.

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