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Are Tapas Free in Spain?

Asking to yourself if there are tapas free in Spain ? Well it depends. We can divide the tapas into two large groups: the free lid and the tapas you order and pay for. The first one will be automatically served when you drink and can be from a few olives to a plate of tripe, going through all kinds of varieties and quantities. In regions where the free tapa has a decent size (Andalusia, Galicia and Leon will make you happy, for example) it is possible, by choosing well the bars, eat or dine paying only the drink. You will also end up with a very funny contentillo, a result of the wines or reeds you have ordered to continue receiving free food.

Then there is the other version, the one of the pay tapas, which you order just like you order the drink or a dish from the menu. Tapas bars usually have a list of tapas available somewhere visible or directly on the menu. The most complete experience includes a waiter reciting the list of tapas to you and you and your friends trying to remember it to order. It is not an essential condition, but usually the paid tapas, those you ask for, can be share between several people.

What is not acceptable is that they give you something without asking and charging you if you eat it. If they do it somewhere, don’t ever come back and criticize them on TripAdvisor. It’s very rude. So, are tapas free in Spain?

But are tapas free in Spain | Some tips to find good places

The tapa, especially the free one, is usually that almost casual (but expected) accompaniment of when you drink anything, be it a wine or a coffee, in a bar. But if the intention when you go, especially if you are with more people, is to eat tapas or have dinner, you can talk about those three things (they are the same). Ideally, the tapeo can be in more than one establishment and covered free in free cover, but this is not always possible or practical. You can tape all the time in the same place, simply asking for several tapas to share with everyone and going out without hunger, but it is a little less fun.

Tapas have a story that starts from afar. According to some versions they were born in the thirteenth century, under the reign of Alfonso X the Sage. He imposed that a mouthful of food should be always along with drinks to prevent the harmful effects of alcohol. According to other sources, however, the origin can come from Seville because of the flies. To prevent the insects from entering the wine glasses of the taverns someone began to put wooden “stoppers” over the glass. Netx time that someone ask you if are tapas free in Spain you allready know what to say.

Cheap tapas Madrid

If you want to eat a lot of different tapas you should make a tapas tour Madrid. This is a very good way to know about Spanish cuisine while you learn really good and fun facts. History of the tapas is something that also you will learn in this experience.

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